In search of your Brigit – Imbolc celebrations

sacred brigit on Imbolc eve

Imbolc is the first pagan fire festival of the year and the first promise of spring when the Earth begins to stir into life. It is associated with the bride Goddess Brigit (my favourite spelling), Irish Goddess of hearth and home, who comes to me very strongly on the eve of Imbolc. Brigit is the Goddess of healing and inspiration, her presence blessed the Earth for centuries and her sacred fire had been kept alive and cherished by so many before us. Today she is very present for me, as I light a white candle, make my Brigit cross and sit down to draw her face.

This month I go on a journey with her for 30 days doing little exercises every day to tune into her energy and honour her sacred presence during this transitional time. I look at what I am looking to release in order to let myself be born again and what my new being seeks to manifest and also what seeks me. It is the time of rebirth and separating from the familiar and starting afresh. It can be scary yet necessary again and again, as we flow through the cycles of nature and life. With each new cycle we have wonderful opportunities to grow, nothing stays the same and nothing stands still, it is in the movement forward and letting go off what holds us back we experience the flow of life. Our actions, feelings and thoughts create our reality and with conscious awareness of potential growth and flow through all our experiences we live, we manifest, we learn and we find peace and joy.

I go on a journey with her, she takes my hand. it is cool and firm and within seconds I experience being filled with light and when I look at her next to me she is surrounded by a vibrant green light. She smiles and continuing to hold my hand leads me on a path into a forest. I feel happy, enchanted, mesmerised and smiling myself. She takes me into a clearing and sits me down on a tree stump. Then she invites all the animals to come into the clearing and I see my Anton, my primary Totem animal deer and Rufus, the raven. Brigit begins to dance and sing a song of promise and hope, a new beginning. She gently brushes her long, luxurious red hair and with every stroke a snow drop appears on the ground and soon we are surrounded by a lot of them and everything is swirling in a warm energy of Brigit’s dance and flow.

What does she have to offer?

For me Brigit offers inspiration, as her words of poetry and song lyrics flow through me. I am inspired to flow with the energy of creative force and writing becomes a focus. Playing the piano is filled with the energy of letting go off what no longer serves, as I relax my fingers into keys and gently rise and fall with each note, letting go off the sadness of the past and bitterness of pain. My heart wants to open and my wings are calling for a sacred flight with a new. Brigit carries healing and offers gentleness and also an energetic push towards new and exciting. She is both playful, strong and nurturing. She is there to assist my heart in taking flight.

How are you aware of her arrival?

I see red top trees everywhere this week and within the branches I see Brigit moving and swaying in the wind waiting to come out in full sight in all her sacred and beautiful glory to take my hand.

I see birds everywhere and they come in my dreams – water birds mainly and again I hear her soothing voice of gentle feminine.


Visualisation: note down all the qualities that you are aware of within Brigit and think of everything that she represents for you and everything that she has to offer you. Do you welcome her in your heart?  Sit with that awareness of her being and her knowing. Then imagine stepping into her energy and becoming her. You might want to start observing, interacting and even communicating with her to get a clear sense of her essence before stepping into her energy field. She is warm and welcoming and she is here to teach, inspire, heal and guide. There is nothing to fear or worry about, you are free to step on your own path of renewal. Feel what it is like to be Brigit, let her energy spread through your body as a beautiful light, what colour is it? Are you aware of the scent and temperature around you? What is it like to feel as one with the Goddess? Enjoy!

For blessing and healing, leave a piece of cloth outside on a tree for Brigit to bless, as she walks past on the eve of Imbolc.

Blessed Imbolc & wonderful new beginnings!

Imbolc altar

Imbolc Brigit Altar 

Brigit crossBrigit Cross for the home 


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