Intuitive magic vesus Ritual magic

intuitive magic and rituals

There are many ways of practicing magic and many spiritual paths to follow, or you can even create your own unique way of doing things and I encourage and promote in my teachings to create your own practice. It is so much more meaningful and deeply relational if you base your practice on your preferences and what resonates rather than following a prescribed set of rules and rituals. Continue reading “Intuitive magic vesus Ritual magic”


Snowdonia, Wales land experience

Snowdinia, Wales sunset

The land of Snowdonia is full of energies of sleeping dragons, ancient battles and pastoral living. Mossy rocks, expansive giant mountains, endless greenish brown marsh land with specks of black rocks scattered amongst the wild landscape. It is not Scotland, it’s very different. In fact Scotland is all I could think of on the way here, but that’s another story. Continue reading “Snowdonia, Wales land experience”