My woodland encounter with Deer Totem animal

Powerful and healing connections to Totem animals

Raw Nature Spirit

Deer Totem animals

Deer Totem animal. Vibrations of the Earth and trees like a lullaby to my soul…

I was called to drive to a particular place this morning, a woodland I once encountered on a very busy day, which didn’t allow me to experience it fully at the time.

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Dreams and Knowing yourself

Dream offer very rich material to us in terms of what we need to integrate, embrace, celebrate and learn about ourselves. Dreams are great tools in our quest for self-realisation, for individuation. If one is fully conscious of dreams’ potentialities and possibilities, one will be welcomed into the potent world of significant symbols and sensations, which ultimately lead us to the core of ourselves.

I had a dream this week, which strongly connected me to the ‘crone’ side of myself. I felt this incredible power deep inside my being and a sense of anything is possible in both terms – shadow and light, destroy and flourish, love and force, revenge and forgiveness, anger and surrender. The feelings that one wakes up with in the morning after a powerful dream can not be made up. It is potent, it is there and it is leading us to where we are meant to be going in terms of manifesting our own qualities into our daily lives, decoding symbols and messages and making sense of what it is like to be us, to be fully conscious of paradigms and realities we find ourselves in.

The dream sparked my strong association with the crone Goddess Baba Yaga. It revealed my open connection with her qualities and the feeling of being attracted to the Goddess. She is very much a part of me. I spent my day in contemplation of what it meant for me and of course, messages became clear pointing me towards certain qualities that I have within me, which the crone planted into my soul. This power that I can use towards both sides and some of which is still manifesting in my life in one way or another. It was also pointing towards my past wounds, which I suppressed and buried in the shadow, but it is time I looked at it fully. It is inevitable and I always knew it would surface and in what a wonderful way it did. The material I have been avoiding is rich with valuable lesson and ultimately seeking to help me become a fully integrated person. It’s been long time coming and I am in love with the process of unfolding through imagery and stirrings in my soul.

Baba yaga

These are just some ways to engage with your dreams:

  • let go off any rules, attachments to a particular meaning
  • follow your felt sense, ask yourself first and foremost ‘how did I feel when this and that happened…’ when reflecting on a dream
  • was there a particular image, figure, character, colour, space that struck you in a dream and you were left with for hours after waking?
  • just and recall any changes in feelings, sudden changes in scenery, behaviour – how did that feel?
  • if you get an insight into what it might mean, do not rush, sit with it and drill it down into pieces. Do they make a whole?
  • just know that whatever makes sense to you is the right way to go about interpreting and integrating dreams’ material
  • all dreams are about YOU and FOR you

I offer Dream Navigation services to anyone, who is interested in de-coding imagery and symbols, unfolding, integrating and embracing materials that present in dreams. There are two ways to engage in the process with me

1. I offer my intuitive interpretations and guidance on your particular dream, as I feel the source is communicating to me about you with psychology-related steps that might be relevant on your journey

2. We have a live session (in writing) where we explore a dream together for 30 mins


 contact me for more details

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As part of my Etsy shop or as individual commissions, which I acquire through word-of-mouth, I offer to create simple and elegant covers, posters, prints for people in all fields. My work is quick, simple and effective in promoting any items, courses, events that you have or provide a nice eye-catching representation of a product you are trying to sell or promote.

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Beltane – dancing in the shadows

Shadow work at Beltane

Shadow work at Beltane

Today, despite making a few plans to celebrate Beltane, I am in bed, in a bit of pain with hot/cold vibrations running through my body. Not good, you might think, but I decide to delve further into why I am NOT feeling as well on this beautiful Fire festival, which opens the door to summer.

What I am drawn to in the last few days and today is Celtic music and songs about Beltane and the God and the Goddess. I feel a lot of energies stirring in my solar plexus and sacral chakra too. The feeling is heavy and pulling down and there are pins and needles coming and going. It is very strong and I think to myself, ok, what does this represent today in particular. I get an image of an opening of some kind, of something ancient, which spent a long time in the darkness, seeking some light and warmth. It is stuck, it is yearning for the Sun, for the loving embrace of the Goddess. It is shadowy needing to be integrating. I think to myself, why today. Well, historically I have never been a spring person, or rather I always had difficulties and challenges come out for me during spring time. I always used to say that spring is my favourite time of year, but I now realise that it was simply a projection of my desire for that to be true. It was the norm to feel rejoiced and rejuvenated and alive again, which, of course, I love during spring, yet something in me had never aligned fully with the season. It is shadowy for me, i.e. things get triggered at spring seeking my acceptance, understanding and integration.

This year I am very conscious of every single Sabbath and the wheel turning point of the year more than I had ever been before. It set my intention in January to follow everything that was there to show up for me regardless of its nature and learn as much as possible about myself through my experiences with each Sabbath. I began to feel the ‘tight’ feeling around the beginning of March, coming up to the Spring Equinox, which seemed to have released itself, yet with days getting longer and the Sun shining brighter, this ‘tightening’ is at its strongest today, on Beltane, and it is no surprise to me and this is deeply valuable and inspiring to me. Continue reading “Beltane – dancing in the shadows”