Candle and Oils Magic e-guide release


Welcome to my new release!

I created this concise e-guide to Candle and Oils Magic due to popular demand

  • Concise and easy to digest references and information guide
  • Full colour tables and photographs
  • Easy reference source for your spells with candles and oils
  • Includes basic information on important tools and techniques when practicing magic
  • Suitable for beginners. Includes an example
  • Includes original design Elements cards
  • emailed to you as a high quality pdf file after purchase

I enjoyed created this product for you immensely. It poured right out of me, which is always THE best way to create, in my experience. I hope you find it a useful reference and information resource.

Thank you for your support and love!





Madness of the World


It’s been an incredibly emotional and painful month both on a personal and external levels. Today I literally feel the ‘madness’ of the world like it is sitting in my front room screwed up in pain and desperation. It is potent and it smells bad. There is disintegration that is happening within its consciousness that feels like madness and when madness occurs all boundaries are blurred and that is when it becomes dangerous, out of control. It has no longer anything more to lose, so it is released into its own destruction. I never felt it this strong before and its presence is felt in my body everywhere. I want to cry, I want to run, I want to stay and cry some more. Conflicting, overwhelming emotions running through every cell.

Today I suddenly understand my father’s struggle with the world, his anger and disappointment with the way things are. I understand it through feeling it all over my emotional body. He, however, chooses to fight it with anger, anger and more anger. He appears to have become almost addicted to the feeling of rage and violence of the world. He is not able to reach that place of love and peace, it is very far removed at this point and that’s how many are feeling when faced with the desperation of the world. Continue reading “Madness of the World”

Authenticity attainment – an open exploration


This one goes deep. It is a sort of exercise that I wish to offer that might help unfold layers within you and align you with the sweetest authenticity. Questioning yourself, exploring every corner of your being conscious and unconscious is a necessary process towards whole authenticity. My goal more and more these days is to reach that place where I can do, feel, behave and think in the most authentic way possible and not just that but to reach that point where I am flowing with authenticity effortlessly and masterfully.

When doing this process we all have to get real with ourselves with others and with everything that goes on around us. It is hard work, but is it worth it? I hope so. I have experienced more and more over the past few years the transformational results of the state of getting real. Some of the questions that I found useful to ask in that process are:

  • What is it that I want
  • What is it that I feel
  • What is sacred to me
  • How much do I allow myself to feel and have what I want
  • How am I with my external relationships as well as my inner world
  • What is real and what is not
  • What do I think about life
  • What do I think about death
  • Do I have a direction, do I need a direction
  • Is my preference for a natural flow or a structure of some kind

And the list goes on and goes and with each level it goes deeper into questioning. Is there another way to be if your soul is thirsty for manifesting its truest desires? You owe it to your soul to listen to its voice. You owe it to yourself to live the authentic life and flow naturally with whatever is presented in front of you. Do you flow? Do you aim for pure authenticity? Continue reading “Authenticity attainment – an open exploration”

My awareness nature walks

Awareness nature walks bring answers to those, who seek…

Amethyst deceiver

I am used to going to nature for answers be it talking with trees, commune with the wind or listening to the stream of water. I do magic in nature, meditate upon tree roots and listen, always listen, observe, feel and conscious of everything around me. I call these walks sometimes – walking narratives.

There is always a story that unfolds from start to finish and there is always an answer, a message, a call to do something, always something that comes out of my awareness walking. These usually happen when I am called, i.e. I would feel the call from the woods, a very definite pull, an invitation to come, similar to when you might get a ringing in the ear and often people would refer to that your spirit guides inviting you to join them. Other times I join the woods when I am frustrated, lost, down, confused and need some guidance or specific answers to specific questions. Continue reading “My awareness nature walks”

Death is all around – energies of Samhain

It has been quite turbulent and dark times in the last few weeks and I am still very much under the ‘influence’ of this period of time between a build up to Samhain and post- Samhain experience of this reality. Things are foggy, the body is heavy and achy, and there is a feeling of something not quite right. One might say a feeling of doom and gloom, but not in a dramatic way of ‘this is it’, but in a way of being not here or there, not knowing what is coming, unpleasant, uncomfortable.

The energy of ‘death’ is still around as the garden gets filled with more and more fallen leaves. The weather is turning and with the rotting of the leaves the process of churning and ‘decomposing’ begins to seep into the Earth. With that my body twists and turns with pain and discomfort, hot and cold, foggy mind as if it’s been veiled to obscure the light. It is unpleasant, scary and deeply sad. This is the energy of loss, grief and death for all that once existed. I feel it deep in my muscles and bones. I begin to crave summer intensely today which talks of my resistance to descent into the dark corners of my psyche, to places where deep sorrow resides. It is a journey of the season, of the wheel of life and it deserves full respect and attention, as no matter what one can’t run away from the natural flow of life. We enter the underworld where lights go on and we go deeper into the awareness of death. Continue reading “Death is all around – energies of Samhain”