Authenticity attainment – an open exploration


This one goes deep. It is a sort of exercise that I wish to offer that might help unfold layers within you and align you with the sweetest authenticity. Questioning yourself, exploring every corner of your being conscious and unconscious is a necessary process towards whole authenticity. My goal more and more these days is to reach that place where I can do, feel, behave and think in the most authentic way possible and not just that but to reach that point where I am flowing with authenticity effortlessly and masterfully.

When doing this process we all have to get real with ourselves with others and with everything that goes on around us. It is hard work, but is it worth it? I hope so. I have experienced more and more over the past few years the transformational results of the state of getting real. Some of the questions that I found useful to ask in that process are:

  • What is it that I want
  • What is it that I feel
  • What is sacred to me
  • How much do I allow myself to feel and have what I want
  • How am I with my external relationships as well as my inner world
  • What is real and what is not
  • What do I think about life
  • What do I think about death
  • Do I have a direction, do I need a direction
  • Is my preference for a natural flow or a structure of some kind

And the list goes on and goes and with each level it goes deeper into questioning. Is there another way to be if your soul is thirsty for manifesting its truest desires? You owe it to your soul to listen to its voice. You owe it to yourself to live the authentic life and flow naturally with whatever is presented in front of you. Do you flow? Do you aim for pure authenticity?

One topic, which is coming up currently is what success means to me. It is very much a process I have been going through and exploring in the last year in particular in relation to work, career, creative process and business even. Today, the answer came when I was listening to one of the most authentic people I know, who speaks my language and who has gone through a similar process of turning herself inside out to have a proper look at what lies deep beneath the external. To put this into context and demonstrate the process of unfolding and questioning I want to discuss success.

Success is a feeling. I can tap into the vibration of success when I tune into the feeling that I know well. I love that feeling. I often experience it when I write or complete writing something. I also feel that after I have done an intuitive reading for someone and I know deep down I tapped into something bigger and helped someone to see their potential. It is closely linked with feeling happy. Some of the happiest moments of my life involved success in one way or another. It does have a sweet taste to it rightly described by many. So if we break it down in a way I am referring to above it goes like this:

  • I want success
  • I feel happy when I experience success
  • I feel happy, light, like I am flowing with the energy of the Universe and merge with the spirit of whatever I am doing, I feel like my core shines brightly and that is sacred to me. I include the feeling of success in that and seek to manifest more of that feeling.
  • I am allowing myself a lot more, which is based on feeling all of the things above and I intuitively surrender to ‘go and get it’ when I feel that is right. This happens more often in my life now
  • When I look at external interactions, when I look outside of myself and I scan for what I feel within. It is like a mapping process of feeling any dissonance between what is within to what is out there. I check for any inconsistencies or pockets of locked emotions, thoughts, resistance and then unfold that further. This is in short, the process can go on and on
  • Everything is real to me. Whatever I have an emotional response to is real to me be it a spiritual exercise or an experience or a sensation of physical pain
  • Life is a journey towards authenticity, towards your inner goodness and the most shining qualities. Life is also a bitch with all the pain, horror and unspeakable suffering everywhere daily. It is also a gift, a true gift of being able to experience it all. Life is also too short to waste it on not working towards your inner peace, beauty and happiness
  • Death is a mystery, it is a transitional point into another way of being, somewhere else. It is painful, scary, overwhelming and anxiety ridden for most I hear, but can also be of a different vibration of complete surrender. It is strange, unknown and inevitable. It is such an experience towards which your attitude changes often and is a part of exploration of life. Life and death go hand in hand and nothing teaches us more about life than death. Again can be explored more and more
  • I believe I have a direction. Towards success? I don’t know, I hope I will have more experiences of that feeling I refer to, sure. Will I go in the direction to feel that feeling again? Sure.
  • My preference is for a natural flow these more than a rigid structure, although this would depend from my experience very much on a personality type of a person. Some people thrive within structures and experience happiness

All of the above can relate to any question, dilemma or a situation. When you take an overview of your beliefs, preferred patterns of behaviour and how you love feeling or experiences you dislike, you will find an answer forming. It can crystalise quickly in front of you on a paper, or overtime once your feeling and thinking vibration is put out there and therefore, your intention to know, to understand, to be a certain thing.

With my thinking around what success means to me I expect more signs and moments of clarity coming into my reality now that my intention to live the way I describe above is out there. Here is hoping for the spirit aligning with my innate workings and manifesting exactly what I am looking for.

I wish you all sweet success on your journey!

Much love & Blessings!

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