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This practice unfolded for me over the years revealing such gems from within my unconscious, which very often would align with what is needed generally in the world at any given moment. What a gift our intuition truly is. It takes us places wonderful and magic, which then lead to more magical experiences and connections. Nowadays there is no other way for me to write, but from the soul, spontaneously uttering words, which are ready to be spoken.

I also always find later on at some point, someone comes along, who clearly needs to hear that message that I previously blogged about and I can go to that piece and share it with the person in need passing on my experience whether it is an exercise, an image, a spell or some psychological healing technique or exploration.

It feels wonderfully embracing to be able to express myself, most of the time spontaneously, as these things come up in me at random moments. Sometimes it is one blog a month, other times it is up to five blogs a day. I go with whatever presents itself, as I consider it important to express whatever knocks on the door of my awareness and present moment consciousness. This practice can be applied to journal writing, novel or story writing, notes writing and magic spells anything that appeals to you or calls upon you in the moment. I speak more about this in my forthcoming Moon Books/Pagan Portal book – Intuitive Magic Practice (to be published 2021).

Intuitive blogging/writing in general is one of the most natural ways to tune into the energy of your surroundings and an opportunity to release something ready and ripe from your unconscious, which through writing becomes conscious. It is as if you are digging the earth and suddenly you come across a small shoot of a plant, which needs water to grow. That’s the moment you sit down and ‘pour’ your expressive juice upon that seed seeking light and when it is finished very often there is a flow, there is clarity, there is purpose  to the piece you have created. Whatever you write about is never lost, it is stored in the container of that expression in a moment, which is within the universal consciousness. Someone somewhere will need and find it one day and if nothing else you would have spent a few minutes beautifully answering your soul’s calling through writing.


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  1. Yes, I like your intuitive way. When I started blogging, I kept repeating it is for somebody who might not be born yet, and who may only read it after I die. I shouldn’t care then, but it isn’t as easy as that. That’s where the nature comes in, stars, bushes, ants, wind, birds…..morning, light, night, darkness……stopping clinging, time passes so quickly, intuitive planning is still planning, but it has something of “the hand of god” behind it which appeals to me.


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