Wholeness work

I am passionate about embracing our whole being with all parts accepted, acknowledged and loved equally good or bad. My joy lies in seeing manifestations of all parts coming together in an individual and experiencing their journey with them towards light and full actualization when all parts of themselves are welcomed back into being.

We come into this world with a set of qualities unique to us. A set of qualities that are a mixed bag across the whole spectrum of light and dark, if you like. We possess qualities that are of back and while, grey, blue, green and deep yellow, e.g. some are bigger and stronger and some are more delicate and quiet. I like to think of qualities as being alive entities that seek acknowledgement and manifestation into life.

I like to use a symbolic image of a flower. We came here as a complete, unique flower with a potential to bloom fully as ourselves. However, conditioning of a family dynamics, society and environment around us get in a way and our flowers either do not get to grow as sunshine is either not present or blocked and we remain a closed bud, or we are only partially open through life. Even when we do get to ‘open’ in one way or another our flowers change shape, colours and fragrance even as we go through life and end up missing a few or all petals. Sometimes flowers get totally plucked out of the soil with its root or broken at its stem.

full flower

If we look at the flower as symbol of our true unique self in its full actualization and bloom (as above) it is glorious, isn’t it? How many can say they have either experienced or got close to a state of being fully open and shining into the world just like this perfect flower? Most of us can probably relate to missing a few petals, perhaps, as our qualities got ‘picked at’ and we were made to feel ashamed of some of the aspects of ourselves. Petals fall off into the ‘shadow’ of our being where they are unseen and rejected. Both good and bad petals can be ridden off. It can be angry feelings, loudness, show-off nature and performing disposition, your natural expression of joy that can be vibrant and seen as overbearing, pride in your own achievements without apology, outspoken nature or super sensitivity. Sounds familiar?

How does the flower survive? There are degrees depending on whether the flower is missing roots or it is broken at the base, whether it is misshapen and missing a few petals or it only contains a centre part with all the other parts missing. The work will depend on where we start with that image of you at the time. What does your flower look like?

As we begin to outline our road ahead and get in touch with the essence of your flower we begin the process of ‘replanting’ your true essence and get you back into the shape, colour, fragrance that you were always meant to be.





How magic is the last ‘go to’ approach


Magic is something very powerful, it can also be very damaging if misused and not handled with care, understanding or correct application. This is not about what you are capable of doing potentially to bring on a desired change, but how and when you do it. Magic demands respect in my book! It is a powerful tool and also a delicate thing that if mis-shaped, misused and abused will produce effects that are potent with unwanted results.

My life and my spiritual practice confirmed it for me over and over in a way of intuitively diverting me away from doing something I might have regretted later on or showed me consequences should I not have listened to my inner voice and rushed into things. With that ‘warning’ type of energetic exchange it also began to teach me how to use my intuition with regards to when and how perform magic. Not only it confirmed that it should always be the last resort, but it confirmed that all circumstances, elements, energies somehow need to be in a particular order, readiness to perform what is needed at the time.

I am an Elemental Witch, which means I rely on the wisdom of the Elements to guide me and create all of my spells and rituals and I always use my intuition to know what to include, how to place items and in which order, etc. as well as when to do it. I teach Intuitive Magic in my very first course that I brought out. You ARE your best tool, so to speak, and it is about holding the faith that you will know not just when to do something, but how to do it and what to use.

Before jumping into the cauldron and start cooking your spells, so to speak, spend some time with the cauldron. I am using metaphor here to demonstrate how other things need to come in and played around with and resolved before resorting to some magical doing, however, of course, there are exceptions when magic can be an additional tool to a mixture of approaches you would like to use. Magic can enhance a particular experience or increase your productivity in doing something. It can also serve as a tool that ‘seals the deal’, which acts as the last grounding effect of energy you have been working with in other modalities, be it expressing yourself through art, healing with herbs or checking things out with a doctor, if it is a health issue, or talking to people, having therapy sessions and using your own creative imagination to access your higher self for answers. Whatever it might be magic spells can be added to the mixture to complete a piece of work. This is something I do and it feels very grounding. What I don’t do is decide to do a healing spell, e.g. as the first call, or especially do a love spell when something is out of alignment within me without addressing a relationship in question. I have an understanding that some things not only will not work it can make it worse if done unconsciously and without due care, if you like.

When people come to me with questions and magic requests I always provide them with a list of things they could consider doing before involving some magical workings. I do my Intuitive readings with an empowerment message at the centre of them and provide suggestions relevant to a situation a client is bringing as well as shining a light on their potential, getting them to connect to themselves on a level that will facilitate that process of resolving something. I also do not produce magic spells for other people, but I do encourage them to create their own by tapping into their own potential and magical resources. I might give suggestions for ingredients they might want to look into, but ultimately what they put into their work it is their responsibility and a privilege to work with their own power.

Commitment to happiness, commitment to self


What committing to happiness really means is committing to yourself first and foremost, as the light within you is ever lasting and present to illuminate any experience that you might be having at any given moment. This is not to say that we must by-pass the darkness when our light is dimmed, it is more of holding that faith in your own light and its constant existence however overshadowed or hidden it might appear.

Committing to yourself is a path of joy, passion and purpose. The process covers healing and growth on all levels – mind, body, emotion and spirit. It is a holistic approach of looking at your overall vibration, qualities, inclinations, needs, preferences and ways of being, as well as unconscious scripts that play out in your life, unmet needs, difficulties connecting to yourself and others, unprocessed grief and pain and memories forgotten, as well as, intergenerational material.

Through creative imagination and dream work I recently came to an insight of my over identification with pain and became curious about the idea of deciding to be happy. What did that mean for me? It, firstly, meant I had to become aware of patterns in my life and scripts that I had lived by, then begin to look in every corner of where these things that prevented me from being happy got stored which included my body, my mental processes, emotional energies in the body and my connection to spirit. I instantly felt that my alignment with spirit is going to help me immensely in the process of ‘committing to happiness’, as it will inevitably lead me to my soul self, that initial light that I was born with.

I urge everyone to ask a question what does happiness mean to them and what does it look like? Explore your attitude to yourself first and foremost, what parts of yourself you like and what you don’t like and why. Be prepared to lay bare all of your ways in an authentic and fully accepting manner. It is the only way, as the flower must open to be able to see the sun. Also address your external environment and ask yourself questions about whether you are happy living where you are and how you can improve on that to assist in cultivating more joy.

When one decides to commit to joy, pleasure and happiness it must start with yourself, a commitment to yourself, which we often refer to as self-love.

Much love


Intergenerational Imprints

Inter-generational imprints and their effect on one’s life is not to be underestimated. It is necessary to apply our conscious awareness to a possibility that a lot of what we carry within our souls and bodies do not actually belong to us. Things can stick to us like glue and penetrate us easily especially if we are very open and have a sensitive nature. Most of the time we don’t notice it and a lot of material had already been passed on to us with our mother’s fluid and during our cell formation while still in the womb.

When we come in to the world we are considered brand new and pure and, of course, we are, as we are part of Spirit, which is all and everything, and we come into this dimension with those qualities intact. However, on the way down to this dimension there is a process that also occurs, which puts us through exposure to some materials, which need to be processed again on Earth and we become carriers, if you like, of all unprocessed and not so ‘pure’. We get injected with that what is yet to become conscious and it can be anything from abuse to war, hunger to pain, violence to mental health problems. It can be positive as well as negative. This is what I would refer to as material, which doesn’t belong to us as such, we simply sign up without knowing to carry the energy that got either stuck or polluted in previous incarnations and it somewhat becomes our ‘burden’ in this lifetime. It is designed to affect and add to our experience, which often can create a certain fate for a human if that human lives an unconscious life surrendering to what is presented to them through their family and environment.

For example, I have recently come to realise my over identification with pain and suffering, which had actually happened or sneaked up on me, if you like, due to my family environment and my parents’ scripts on life, as well as, me introjecting inter-generational beliefs through blood line and wider collective cultural consciousness. I have never been exposed to any religious teachings growing up, e.g., yet I realised how strongly I was always opposed to that energy. It is energy I am talking about, which can be the first port of call when getting in touch with this. Religion of old times I refer to is a very dark and painful place based on fear, punishment and self-sacrifice and the message at the top of it all is ‘the more you suffer, the closer to God you are’. I carried that energy for a long time and it has affected my relationship to painful experiences and led to glorification of suffering.

What is crucial aside from keeping in touch with consciousness when living a life is our connection to that innocent being that is uniquely you. That initial self that came in pure and light. It is vital to continue to keep hold of those initial qualities that you came in with, the part unaffected by previous lives and intergenerational imprints through self-awareness and conscious therapeutic work.

Transpersonal psychotherapy can help unveil unique soul qualities within a person and get them back in touch with their own power. Along with that, if worked in an integrative way, a person is able to sort through what is theirs innately and what was either imprinted on them as a ‘past unprocessed baggage’ or created through their family, social, political and environmental factors.

Self-work can also reveal experiences through generations, which made an impact on your life here today. Intuition, self-awareness, body care, regular meditation and creating and maintaining spiritual practice can most certainly help with getting in touch with and sorting through material, which might not belong to you, but became part of you through that imprinting process. If you practice tuning into yourself on a regular basis and noticing occasions when you feel ‘not like yourself’, able to interpret the energy around and within you and observing triggers that seem extreme or out of the ordinary somewhat, it might be a good idea to dedicate some sort of practice to sorting through some stuff especially when you become aware it is affecting your life in ways non-beneficial. This practice is also useful in times of ‘stuckness’ when you feel there is no movement and something is blocking your development. You experience less ‘breathing air’ and more restrictions in energetic sense accompanied by development of ailments in the body, particularly to do with respiratory tract, joints and muscles.

What would this practice look like in nature? This is something I practice. Nature can help loosen you up and open up a portal, a space to walk through to the other side. Trust is very much a factor here, as well as, following your intuition. Nature is so much attuned to your highest good, as it is Spirit itself, that if you experience nature on that level of unconditional love and joy and deep knowing, following signs and signals offered to you by natural environment when doing this work is not going to lead you where you are not meant to go. This process can be subtle or profound depending on context and issues you are allowing nature and the universe assist you with. In my experience it takes time to really begin to hear and feel what is being communicated, as often that voice can be coming from a single leaf or a twig and it is necessary to fine tune into everything that happens around you. I very often get sensory overload when in nature, as all my energy openings are trying to connect and communicate at the same time, but there are times when stillness is present and surrender to what is right allows for a single clear communication to come through. It can make the process more difficult, but I would discourage introducing any stress into this work and by simply being and trusting that something will become clear you can begin to practice this way of communicating. It is unique and it takes time to develop a relationship with nature and all its Elementals, just like with anything else. It is a life-long journey and relationship.

Shaman traditions, spirit communication and journeying, as well as, Constellation therapy in nature or within other settings (individual and group), in particular can play a beneficial part. Environmental Art therapy offers powerful assistance too with sorting through the layers of inter-generational imprints.

The image below represents well how we carry everyone else within us, as one comes out of another and how wounding and trauma can also be carried through from one to another until one becomes conscious and willing to break the cycle and fully commit to healing.


Image source: https://incognitopress.wordpress.com/

My Light is in the Shadow


This weekend unveiled one of the most profound and life-changing insights I have ever had. It came through a dream, which carried such a wonderful feeling of pure joy, pleasure and happiness.

I walked through an opening between two identical buildings. One I identified with light and another with darkness. I turned left, to the darker side and that is where I found myself walking through thick, virgin, lush snow. It sparkled in the moonlight, as I picked it up with my hands and threw it in the air again and again smiling genuine joy and pleasure. I played and played in the whiteness of the snow experiencing the loveliest feeling of pure content and joy in the centre of my being.

We often associate Shadow with negative material we suppressed and rejected, aspects of ourselves that cause us pain and are hard for us to face. We send it away to the darkest corners of our psyche and leave it there unable to revisit and unprepared to deal with it. Overtime materials that are contained within that place increase and often become a burden and directly affect our lives without us realising, so to speak, as it is unconscious most of the time. We see all of that as negative, however, what about sending positive aspects ourselves into the shadow? This is what my dream is about. My LIGHT is in the shadow. I banished my joy, playfulness, purity and happiness into unconscious dark part of myself due to those parts of myself considered unacceptable and bad. For example, let’s take sensitivity and innocence, which are beautiful qualities in a child, however, when you are repeatedly told not to be so soft, sensitive and given a lot of responsibility at a very early age, a child takes it upon themselves having to change, adopt and introject the message of ‘sensitive and innocent is NOT good’. This is just one example where positive qualities are turned into negative and banished into unconscious shadow.

In my case it transpired that I had taken upon myself to live in pain constantly to the point where pain became a way of being and tasting almost sweet that how familiar it became. I always found hard to connect to what joy and pleasure feels like, however, pain I knew very well throughout my life and related to it as the old friend that accompanied my on a life journey. I developed fascinations with the hardest degree of suffering, e.g. mental health and bereavement, the darkest corners of human emotion. I understood it deeply to a point of over identifying with it I saw no light in the world. Where did the light go? In my SHADOW…

Very polarised and split one would agree, so how one restores balance between the two.

The insight is the first step where unconscious becomes conscious and one realises this dynamic can and, in many cases, should be changed if one is to live a more vibrant and conscious life. At that point it is also important to take your power back and welcome all the unique and positive qualities into your life paying attention to each and every one, excavating your soul, so to speak, or parts of it with an aim to integrate back into the whole. In this case I am focusing on that innocence and joy of a young child, which was squashed and tainted way too early. I am spending time with that being playing in the snow without a care in the world full of pure joy and freedom of expression. As I write I can feel the satisfaction of that state sipping through back into my being. It is unfamiliar and I am apprehensive and the point is to familiarise myself with that part, which had long been forgotten.

Having said then when my spiritual awakening happened I remember experiencing the feeling of pure love that would bring tears to my eyes. I would hold my breath in disbelief that such a feeling is possible on outside let alone within me. That is connection to spirit of all things. I have experienced that again and again since the beginning of my awakening process and today have an easy access to that space of wonder, glory, unconditional love, immensely vibrant inner power and joy. I can only describe it as being drunk and floating through a space where everything is possible. It is like a veil, which is above everything else and it is bigger than anything else. In that space everything else falls away and there is a sense of expansion and awe, which is limitless. I follow my path of nature based spirituality because the SPIRIT is in NATURE for me. Nature was and remains the catalyst for my reconnection to spirit and awakening of universal consciousness. In nature I feel the balance between light and dark, I have access to both. It is the only place where I feel I belong, I experience my own power and I am familiar with all aspects of myself as a whole. There are no splits or polarities, it is all accepting. It is a place where I experience the biggest joy and wonder as well as deeply understand and see dark places, I understand the contrast and the purpose of it all is crystal clear to me. I feel whole in nature, there is no separation or rejection of anything. Both, shadow and light exist in perfect harmony.

To have received such an insight that ‘the LIGHT is in the shadow’ and has been for many years feels immensely important for the next stage of my evolution for the good of myself and the universal consciousness on the whole. My work continues and the time of this transition is just perfect.

The image to come with this insight is the white bird with black wings.

Let your pain be the wings that carry you towards the light!

I wish you all blessed transformations and a joy of knowing you are powerful beings!

Much love