Lammas 2016

Lammas is the first harvest festival of the year when fresh Earth produce is coming in thick and fast and my kitchen is overflowing with vegetables, berries, colours, smells and textures.It is during this time I say thanks to the God and the Goddess for providing and nurturing my family and sending the joy of harvesting into my soul.

It is a special feeling to pick ripe vegetables and smell them and then eat it. The cycle of life becomes present for me at this turn of the wheel. When I hold a ripe cucumber or a beetroot in my hand I remember when those were only minute seeds on my palm ready to be planted. I always thought of it as a bit of a miracle to see such abundance manifesting from a few tiny seeds. I feel very blessed and grateful during this time of year.

It is also about eating and cooking for me before and during Lammas. Produce is fresh and ready for using in cooking and making pickles. This week I prepared courgette and cucumber pickles. Jams will be next made of raspberries and currents.
I also make salads, soups, stews and it is an utter joy.

I recently have come to an insight about my seasons being in reverse. In the summer I am quiet, slow with creativity on hold and spirit sleeping. I am not a creature of the Sun And heat. The second part of the year is when I thrive personally, creatively and spiritually. With regards to food things are also up side down, which I noticed a few years back. In winter (as if it’s summer for me) I prefer eating light and mostly raw, fruit, salads, green juices. In summer I cook hearty food like soups, stews, salads with more fat in them, heavier food. I love it that way and it makes sense to me today as I observe my relationship with the seasons.
Post summer Solstice and with Lammas at the door I begin to feel the stirring of Autumn.  Air slowly changes, heavier scents are present in the woods and everything feels and looks in its full ripeness ready to drop seeds. The Sun is dying slowly and days are getting shorter and I look forward to the next month enthusiastically.

During Lammas awareness turns to my own internal ‘harvest’ process and I ponder upon what I am ready to reap, what lessons I have learnt so far this year, what I want to keep and what needs composting.

Lammas has a male energy, it is about the God side of the divine and he feels nurturing and accepting to me. My work and rituals will revolve around giving thanks to the God and the Sun for making the harvest possible and giving bows to the Goddess who is watching from afar as the God is preparing to die giving off his seeds for next year’s growth.
Blessed be!

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