FOUR seasons of the Psyche Workshop



I am planning to start running workshops from home in 2017 and this is my first offering. A beautiful, creative, experiential exploration and a journey through the seasons.

I am excited to connect with all of you!

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Light work in the woods – image of the season 

The birth of light

Light spell

Fire spell in nature

Peace spell for the world

The birth of the Sun

2016 in pictures 

Thank you to all the followers for all your comments, reading and getting involved.

Wishing you the best 2017! Let Nature be with you always.

Much love and many blessings

Raw Pagan


silver birth by the side of the road – the Queen of trees 


first signs of life, early spring 

ready for planting, Spring 
Spring Equinox time, my cats 
Woods, Wales, April 2016
Snowdonia, April 2016
May 2016, my woods 

Reading in the garden, summer 

Mushroom picking, Highlands, Scotland 


Glencoe, Scotland, July 2016
Sea fishing, Scotland 
North Scotland, July 2016 
Late summer, Home 
Lammas 2016

Elderberry harvesting 


Cooking apples harvesting 
Berries harvest, August 
10 years Wedding anniversary 
Samhain present for myself 


Glamping, Wales, October 2016
Wales, late autumn


Snowdonia, October 2016
Rowan by the river, Wales 



My birthday present (painted by my father) 


November walk 

At home 
Yule altar 2016 
Glastonbury Tor trip, Winter Solstice 2016
Yule Eve 
Yule log 2016

Personal power word for 2017

 During Winter Solstice I connected strongly with the warrior side of me and the archetypal energy of The King Arthur. He’s loyal, devoted, honourable, noble, has humility, just, fair, super brave, protector and nurturer of his kingdom and people. He’s been coming to me for a few weeks before Yule and I was called to visit Glastonbury Tor, a place I never thought of yet the message was so clear I had to go. Following callings of the land is something I do openly and easily now in my spiritual practice. It always pays off and makes sense when I merge with energies that summon me. 
 Winter is a masculine energy season for me. It is about colour red and Fire element qualities – vibrant, dynamic, passionate and action-driven. It is about setting goals to benefit my growth in service of my life and those around me. I connect with the noble young king within. The night before Yule he came to me in a dream and with a passionate kiss he proclaimed his commitment to the land and his life purpose of protecting weak and vulnerable, to fight against injustice and honour all those that came before him, carrying on the legacy of warriors of his Kingdom.

The word WIN came to me while sitting outside looking over a field which stretches beyond my garden. I saw sticks of a tree painting letter W in the misty atmosphere of the morning. It felt complete, clear and felt in the body. I saw a knight on horseback in red cape galloping away from the site. 

I have been aligning with my desire for a certain job, which has felt like destiny for a few years and the feeling is that 2017 is a portal for manifesting that desire. Exciting. 
Win with your heart and intention alongside doubts and fears, win not over them but with them, win together what is meant for you, for your home and family. Win with your abilities and skills, your passion and love for the land and the people. Win so you can give, spread the light further. Win with hard work and dedication and razor sharp focus on what’s meant to be in my grasp. 

Win through learning, relating, engaging and connecting with all that is available. Win through the open heart of dedication to the craft and love for nature. 
Win, win, win not against something but for something and with something. Everyone is a winner when done with pure heart intention, leadership, honesty, integrity and empathetic relating to yourself and others. 

What’s your power word for 2017?