Intuitive life and magical practice

To share with you my experience of this way of living and practicing magic I have reflected on how it has worked for me and what specific feelings it inspired and transformations it offers to my whole life.

What my intuitive magical practice and living life intuitively offered me is freedom and empowerment; trust in myself and absolute faith in my own knowing. It allowed a complete suspension of judgement and seeing all possibilities, often in the most unlikely places. It offered a way of life that is in connection with awe and enchantment. There is a particular feeling of joy that I experience when in a state of deep knowing of my intuitive wisdom that I had not experienced with anything else. Nothing was able to do this for me before. I believe that being able to use my intuition (like a skill) came here with me when I was born before it was ‘stolen away’ by life. (I write on this HERE).

Living an intuitive life also offers a unique opportunity to take full responsibility for yourself, freedom of not having to answer to anyone and honouring your feelings completely and at all times. For me it is linked with my moral compass and strong principles and beliefs I live by.

There are things to be aware of when starting out on this path, whether you begin to experiment with intuition in your daily life or in a magical practice. I talk about the subject of ethics in my book (HERE) where each individual needs to decide for themselves what your practices are to be: whether you practice certain things only; if you do magic for yourself or others or both and if you participate in all magic, the whole spectrum of presenting forces in the universe – dark and light, both, or you focus on a particular principle only. In making those decisions and establishing ethics and boundaries intuition, again, is your ally. It can help offer you the first inkling, if you like, make you aware of the energy, feeling, pull or push, and from there you can discern for yourself. This is different to working from a book, a record or someone else offering you a way of doing things, although there is nothing wrong with those methods, if you choose to use those.

My intuitive magical practice includes myself, the other and the environment, which, I believe, how the more traditional witchcraft works. The other, for example, be it a familiar, a deity or a particular entity/energy you work with would either call upon you or make you aware of something in need to working with. It will call you to work, which will coincide with the feeling within you (intuition), that knowing of something rising, manifesting and in need of attention. It will expect you to be ‘in practice’, which is how I work, i.e. I am ‘in waiting’ for my skills to be used when they are needed. Very rarely I take upon myself to spell-craft or do a ritual of some sort just because. There is a reason, need and a call for everything in my practice and my life. I must be called, and that call can also come from within when I become aware of a need of a person, myself included. The need must be great, as I also see magic as the last resort when otherwise things find it hard to be resolved. Via using myself and my intuition as a magical skill and the environment around me (nature and the elements) I go to working the magic.

Curious and would like to learn and find out more? My introductory, easy-to-follow book on the subject is available for pre-order ORDER HERE and will be out on the 30th April 2021 online and from all the reputable bookstores in paperback and electronic format. It is a solid introduction into the subject of reclaiming/using and enjoying your intuition as your most precious gift to aid you in navigating life in a fulfilling and meaningful way.


Because she wants to

Like a bare tree she stands in her naked beauty

Mixed in with the elements raw

Slapped by the wind and washed by the rain

With sunshine warming her bones

She is rooted despite

She is rooted regardless

She lives, loves and breathes for as long as her roots hold her

For as long as nature calls her a daughter, a mother, a crone

Women regenerate often and hard because they have to

In order to sustain life and bare witness to their eternal belonging to

Land and life

Love and loss

Surrender and sorrow

She stands like a bare tree beaten, shaped and twisted by the natural flow of things

But she lives and will bloom over and over because she wants to

Because she is the keeper of it all…the world, nature, land forever and ever