Debut novel coming soon

My literary fiction novel is going through the final stages and soon I will be revealing the cover.

Thank you to everyone, who have read it, commented and did the editing. I am getting ready to let it go off into the world.

Readers’ comments so far…

There are many gorgeously written passages throughout this novel. The story is gripping, compelling and intense that will have readers on the edge of their seats. I really cared about what happened to the characters. 

I really enjoyed the language of this novel. The narrative is dream-like and scenes shift and move in line with the mental turmoil of characters. Clever and appropriate.

A gripping psychological drama. The two wild landscapes in the novel are so strongly described that they could almost be characters themselves. I genuinely cared about the characters fortunes and was intrigued by their story.


Intuitive insights for 2023

Get excited about what’s going to happen without needing to know what it is. 

Be kind in all areas; communication, deeds, connections. 

Get outside every day.

Loss the psychical heaviness and release more energy and agility in whatever way you find is best for you.

Lift weights.

Enjoy good food.

Continue nurturing someone or something (this one is priceless).

Don’t be afraid to grab life.

Do things rather than think about them.

Do not overcomplicate – that is just excuses, fear and resistance.

Do not preach.

We have little influence over the greater plan individually or collectively. We have some agency, but that’s different from influence, which we do not have a lot of.

Therefore, get realistic and let things be.

Blessed new journey! Expect the unexpected.