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This book is a unique perspective on working with Baba Yaga, Slavic Earth Goddess of mystery, intrigue and ambiguity, through apprenticing into her magic. In this introductory work Baba Yaga is re-defined outside of the dogmatic portrayals and becomes one of the most powerful and influential figures in an individual spiritual practice. An accessible guide to building a devotional practice, Pagan Portals – Baba Yaga is a journey of discovery and collaboration with deity, written to aid your own psycho-spiritual progression and offer a unique presentation of how we might work with the Goddess, psychologically and spiritually.


“You have given the world a delightful and deep examination of Baba Yaga from your insightful and learned perspective. Thank you. In a world where uncertainty and fear are the currency of the day, we can become enchanted by a sort of artificial lightness that ultimately only makes us more anxious. We become terrified of the dark. Yet it is in the dimness of our own souls that we find refuge from the harshness of life.  If we are able to peer into this darkness we may see a peculiar little house governed by a curious figure. Baba Yaga, crone of legend, greets us with a glint in her eye, and a question on her lips. “Who are you?” she inquires with a cackle. Natalia Clarke answers this question, while exploring the stories and characteristics of Baba Yaga through traditional lore and personal insights. Merging together her Slavic origins, training in depth psychology, and natural spiritual practices, she is our companion as we venture into the mysteries of this face of the crone. Beautifully written with journal entries, dream explorations, and ways to connect with Baba Yaga, I highly recommend this delightful book for anyone who wants to go deeper into her mysteries.”

Cyndi Brannen, the author of Keeping her keys 

“I’ve felt for a long time that there must be more in the call to Baba Yaga’s cottage than the fairy tales tell us. Natalia Clarke has drawn on her Siberian heritage and personal insights to show us how we might approach this powerful Goddess. This is a book for anyone drawn to dark Goddesses and Crone Goddesses. It’s also the first map I’ve seen that explores the forests in search of wild Gods who will not make themselves comfortable in our homes or on our altars. It’s ground breaking stuff.”  Nimue Brown

“A truly fascinating book that opens up our understanding and knowledge of this perhaps misunderstood Goddess.  Natalia Clarke shares personal experiences mixed with folklore and practical information to guide seekers to find their own connection with Baba Yaga.” Rachel Patterson 

This is an impressive work, clearly written, exploring Baba Yaga as Earth Goddess and laying out what an apprenticeship with her might look like. In a culture that tends to categorise everything – emotions, actions, people – as either wholly good or wholly bad, this book brings some much needed nuance and an exploration of a healthy darkness through this fantastic, visceral deity. Meredith Debonnaire


Pagan Portals - Intuitive Magic Practice

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Reading Natalia Clarke’s work on intuitive magic had a very powerful impact on me and lead me to think deeply about the role intuition could play in my life. We tend to associate intuition with femininity, but at the same time, that intuition is something many women don’t access. That it is seen as feminine in the first place can make it difficult territory for men to enter.

What we call intuition is often a very rational sort of process. Our bodies absorb far more information than our conscious brains can hope to process. Our thinking is far more distributed through our bodies than had previously been thought. So what comes back as a ‘gut feeling’ isn’t something insubstantial or irrelevant. It can in fact be our best and most useful thinking, if we can access it and trust it.

If you have bought this book, the odds are you want your intuition back. When did you lose it? Who undermined it, or silenced it for you? What were you told? Because the loss of intuition is also the loss of self and self-trust. It’s what happens when we don’t have the self confidence to hear our own voices, trust our own judgements and take our own discomfort or desire seriously.

Natalia offers us a healing journey. In building an intuitive magical practice, you can re-discover and reclaim parts of yourself. It’s a process of taking back everything you were told you couldn’t have and couldn’t be, which makes it a glorious, subversive kind of witchcraft.

This book acted as a spell to change me, and I hope it will take you on a similar journey.

by Nimue Brown, the author of many books

Trusting in your intuition is, I believe, key to working good magic.  Learning how to trust it can be difficult.  Natalia Clarke leads you through the process step by step with information, personal experience and exercises.  Everything you need to take you on your own intuition discovery journey.

by Rachel Patterson – Author of several Witchcraft books including Witchcraft into the Wilds, Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch and the Kitchen Witchcraft series.

I think this is an excellent work. The structure is good, and the flow of it is very coherent and (dare I say) intuitive. Working with it has been a delight. It’s an inspirational, wonderful piece that gently guides you through a whole series of ideas.

by Meredith Debonnaire, book editor and author

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soul land


PAPERBACK UK (signed copies)

‘A spiritual love affair with the land’

This collection of poems is a result of the author’s spiritual journey and reveals a powerful personal account through a deep and profound connection to the land of Scotland. Both emotional and touching, with universal themes of nature and love at the centre, the author portrays a transformational effect of stunning Scottish landscapes on the soul and life as a whole. Engaging in an emotional struggle to bring spiritual and earthly together, this eloquent collection is written with devotion and reverence and offers an exploration of a spiritual identity through the land. Through the poems, the author shows how the beauty of natural places can be soothing and hopeful in times of turmoil. At its heart, this volume is a spiritual love story between the land and the author, exploring the elements of nature as they are in the wild, as well as in our souls.

“… when I first stepped upon the land my heart exploded in ecstasy. My love affair began when I first experienced this strange merging with something primal and bigger than myself.


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Review: Soul Land by Natalia Clarke

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Individual reviews

Soul Land by Natalia Clarke engages the reader through lovely language and imagery. I’m looking forward to showing several of these lines to my students as mentor texts to inspire their own writing!

by Educator 


This collection was incredibly unique. It painted a beautiful picture with its words, and I fell in love with every single one of them.


by Wulfie N

Perfect for anyone who is after a quick read, who wants to find some peace and tranquil and who loves poetry and nature.Being a fan of poetry and also Scotland… (I live here) I had to read Soul Land.

by Georgi

This poetry collection really was a love letter to Scotland and how the author feels about Scotland. There was some beautiful imagery and wonderful phrases that painted a picture of the wildness and beauty of Scotland.

I did really enjoy the poems and language, but wished it was a little longer. I would have loved to read more since I did feel it was a bit short. Still, a lot of the images inspired by her words were wonderful and definitely make you feel like you can see the landscape she’s describing.

by Deanne

I have just picked up a copy of Soul Land and just the first poem gave me shivers. That’s powerful and emotional. I am looking forward to reading more. Great work.

by Roy, UK

The book was a gift and is such a beautiful and lovely read. Brave, raw, honest. It got to me… I could not stop thinking about Scotland for days after. As I also love Scotland it resonated deeply with me and touched my soul. Powerful words.

by Christine

As an avid reader of poetry, I found this collection to be completely different from anything I’d previously read. This was my first time experiencing transpersonal poetry and at the very talented hands of Natalia Clarke, I’ve found it a most enjoyable one!

by Farah

I’ve read a decent amount of poetry, especially in the last couple of months, and Soul Land was very unique from all the others I’ve read. I really enjoyed how descriptive the poems were and the beautiful picture the author painted with each poem.

by Taylor

Calming nature poetry about Scotland that will make you want to pick up a walking stick and wander through Scotland’s beautiful landscape and relax your spirit.

by Hansruedi

Thanks so much for sending me a copy of your book!

I love your introduction and I can feel how much Scotland touches your soul through your words! I’m truly honoured that my painting connects with that feeling!

I love how you write! You write the way I feel!
Congratulations on your book and your poems are simply beautiful!!

by Ann Fullerton (collection cover designer) 

Soul Land spoke to me and my love of Scotland. The pictures that Natalia Clarke’s poems paint in my eye made me long for a trip out into the Highlands.

by Sandra


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Written and released by Moon Books authors during the 2020 lockdown to assist people with aspects of the difficult experience. I had the privilege to be a contributor to this wonderful resource and anthology.

Written in three parts, psychological, spiritual and practical, Weathering the Storm is an anthology offering support to those of us who are isolated or vulnerable. The book has a primarily Pagan focus but will be of interested to all those interested in Mind Body Spirit matters and in alternative lifestyles and spiritualities. Covering areas from loneliness and anxiety, self-care and gardening, to cooking and crystals, it is a book designed to help everyone through uneasy, unprecedented times. A complementary compendium of hope, from the writers and publishers behind Moon Books.

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Free everywhere else


Nature therapy walks







“I love this book! I am enjoying the activities very much. The book is set up in an easy to use format, clear concise and thought provoking. That being said, the author brings in the beauty and complexity of nature, written in a beautiful poetic fashion. I have purchased the deck as well. I am planning on ordering this book for my nieces and nephews for Christmas presents.” Ann, USA

“These experiences you have guided readers through are wonderful journeys of self-exploration and connection with the natural world.” Dr. Selene Kumin Vega, licensed psychotherapist in CA, faculty at Saybrook University

“A unique approach to improving your relationship to nature and your life through the timeless archetypes found in the wisdom of the tarot. The beautiful images enchant your imagination and lead you to explore the animals and elements described in the readings. This deck gently introduces you to exercises with plants, rocks, animals and elements in a safe way to escape the confines of the office and house, even with a busy lifestyle. Most outdoor exercises can even be done with children. A boost to anyone who wants to connect on a deeper level with our planet and those creatures with whom we share it.” Ariann Thomas, author of Healing Family Patterns and Changing Your Genetic Heritage

“This is amazing. Totally what we need for what is happening now – people are not getting out into nature enough anymore and this shows why and how they should. I used to be a preschool teacher and have my early childhood education diploma, and I could also see this being used by children and their families and preschools. I also teach kids yoga and could see yoga teachers using these to theme classes or make yoga activities or games using the cards and book.” Juliane Nowe, Founder of LadyNowe, Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Instructor

“This is like meditation, releasing, cleansing and being one with nature, all in one! A great way for families to interact with each other, to create memories, learn, educate and find peace all at the same time. Being in nature as a means of improving your health is becoming more popular nowadays and I think this is a fun way for people to get started! You learn the importance of the world we live in and its natural elements, while being able to be one with our natural habitat and environment.” Sherry Matthews, Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, Owner and CEO of Resilient Health


Debut novel coming SOON released by RNS Books

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